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Bedulu Library struggles to inspire children. With paint peeling off the walls and books dating back 50 years, it’s no wonder students do not learn here. However, we can change this. We’re asking donors to combine your support to help us reach our target.

*in the dedication box, set ‘Bedulu Library Community Donor Project’

Can you help us raise 9,250 USD to renovate Bedulu Library?

In Bali, libraries are common in each elementary school.

However, many libraries struggle to engage students. With very limited budgets, schools are not always able to provide libraries that inspire learning.

Bedulu Library is one of these.

With broken furniture, old books and no comfortable seating, children hardly ever enter the library.

As with previous projects, we have a plan though.

If we can raise enough funds, we will completely transform the library into one of our trademark learning centers. Replacing the ceiling and broken elements of the building, while filling it with books, comfortable seating and and inspiring mural.

We know that by doing this, children in the area can learn to read, learn computer skills and develop into their full potential.

But in order to do this, we need your help. Each donation towards this project will be combined with other donations until we reach our target. Thankfully we have gotten off to a great start, with our Holiday Giving Appeal donors helping to kickstart fundraising.

Each donor will be thanked by having their name listed as part of the mural itself.

How your Donation Helps


$10 USD buys one great quality hardback book


$50 USD can buy the complete Harry Potter book set


$100 USD buys beanbags and cushions to provide comfortable seating


$250 USD helps us to make building repairs such as door and ceiling replacements


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

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Photos from Bedulu Library