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Guna Bakti Kindergarten has moved into a decomissioned elementary school, but needs help to give their students a quality early stage education.

Can you help us reach our target of 6,000 USD to renovate Guna Bakti Kindergarten?

On first impression, you might think that Guna Bakti Kindergarten may not need help. After all, the building that the community inherited is in good condition and the community have done an excellent job to maintain it and to make it interesting for students.

However, a quick look at their supplies tells a different story.

The school only has the old supplies that they brought with them when they moved in. Old and warn building blocks are about all they have. There are no educational toys, supplies, or materials for arts and crafts here. Their playground is worn and needs servicing.

Teachers are limited to very basic learning activities, mostly limited to singing or very basic glue activities. Their materials are so old that they are never used.

Prior to the pandemic, the school had over 80 students enrolled – more than double the number of most other kindergartens. This year, the school has 55 students.

We plan to renovate this school by adding new murals, completely new furniture and a whole compliment of supplies to cater for 80+ students. We will service their playground and provide a new playground set too.

As part of our support, we’ll enrol the school in our Teacher Training program, which trains teachers in play-based learning techniques.

All donations will help us to get closer to our target. Each donor will be given a special thank you by having your name/dedication painted on the indoor mural.

How your Donation Helps


$10 USD buys a month of arts and crafts materials


$50 USD teachers equipment and supplies


$100 USD buys a high quality table and chair set


$250 USD buys various educational supplies


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

How Renovations Work