We’re inviting you to contribute towards renovating Julah Library. Donate and help us to reach our target of 4,000 USD to renovate this library.

Update: Julah Library has been fully funded!

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Fully Funded!

With the pandemic limiting numbers able to attend, giving students the opportunity to rent books, develop their minds, and learn through reading has become more important than ever.

Beyond the pandemic, this building will serve as a long term facility where children can have fun while learning. It’ll be a place to get inspired and an influence that can change their futures altogether.

Can you help us raise 4,000 USD to renovate Julah Library?

Julah Library has been on the Library Waiting list for a long time. At first glance, the building seems just fine, with little building work required.

Although the building appears in good shape, a look inside tells a different story. It’s a building that is rarely used due to a lack of support.

Now Bali Children’s Project is planning to renovate this library to turn it into a land of imagination, stocked full of books, an inspirational mural, and comfortable furniture.

With 154 students, the school is situated way up in the Singaraja Mountains, a beautiful journey far from the touristic areas of Bali.

As with many schools in Bali, Julah has its own designated library building. It’s a common story in Bali; despite having a building, there is a lack of supplies, furniture, quality space, and teacher training.

As a result, library buildings becoming little more than storerooms that children rarely use.

Books are either textbooks or workbooks and all in black and white. There are lots of books, but none of them are remotely interesting for children. Put simply, it is incredibly boring.

Thankfully there is a tried and tested solution. We aim to renovate this building in the same fashion as other previously completed projects.

The task is to completely refurbish SDN 3 Julah’s Library. As we have seen with other projects, renovations will turn the library from an unused storeroom to a brand new library bursting with imagination.

To thank donors, every single donor’s name will be painted into the mural!

How your Donation Helps


$40 USD buys a new fun beanbag for comfortable reading


$50 USD buys 10 great quality, hardcover books


$150 USD buys furniture such as bookcases


$250 USD buys a whole section of exciting books


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

How Renovations Work