See testimonials from other donors and what they had to say about working together with Bali Children’s Project

We are so glad to have discovered Bali Children’s Project. We have provided the organization with several grants in the past two years because we have seen first hand how well they serve the less fortunate. The dedication of their entire team to creating an impact where it is needed, is incredible. As a donor, we received a lot of photos, statistics, videos and emails about our collaboration in Bali. As an American-based organization, it is nice to be informed about how they progress on the project and the impact that we create together.
Edwin, Director, 101 Heroes
I had the opportunity to stop in and meet the gang of the children’s project when I was in Bali for 3 weeks in April..tuff to find but worth the search. They spent their valuable time with me and answered all my questions. All the smiles from the rest of the crew made my day. If it’s a hot day buy them some ice cream 😉 I will be back, keep up the exceptional work guys and gals. Respect.
Barry, Sponsors Multiple Children

We’ve built over 20 projects with Bali Children’s Project. We love how efficient Bali Children’s Project is and the incredible quality of the facilities they produce. We regularly visit to see project progress and how our support is impacting the communities. We are proud to support Bali Children’s Project and there’s a lot more to come.

Karmagawa, Schools and Libraries Donor

The Mel Wolf Foundation has provided grants to Bali Childrens Project every year since 2014. As a foundation that carefully chooses our grant funding choices, I can wholeheartedly recommend Bali Children’s Project. I have personally been to Bali to witness Bali Children’s Project’s Sex Education, HIV & AIDS program being delivered in multiple government schools. How the Bali Children’s Project staff turns a taboo subject into fun and engaging workshops is inspiring beyond words.

Mandy, The Mel Wolf Foundation

Our spa supports Bali Children’s Project because they are doing great things for children. Away from the paradise tourist areas, there are many children who are not making it through school. We are happy to help through sponsorships and through the donation box in our Spa. We enourage anybody wanting to support this organization to contact them and find out yourself how hard they are working.

Karsa Spa, Business Supporter

We sponsor 2 children and have been to visit them twice. I have complete faith in the BCP. Wonderful, caring, kind people <3

Sheri and Family, Sponsors Multiple Children

I started by sponsoring a child with Bali Children’s Project four years ago. Since then I’ve sponsored many more because I can see the difference it has made to their lives. The team do an incredible job with limited resources and are changing lives. Seeing children who never thought they could make it through school graduate is my favourite part of being a sponsor.

Robert, Sponsor of Multiple Children

We have just returned from Bali and got to spend a couple of days with our 2 sponsor girls. The staff at BCP are exceptional, easy to communicate with easy to find the office, can’t do enough to help out. The work they are doing is fantastic. We got to see first hand the difference our sponsorship is making to the 2 girls and their family.

Hayden and Family, Sponsors two Children

We have sponsored 2 children for years now and have seen the difference it makes. Today we started to sponsor another 2 kids in need. We are proud supporters of Bali Childrens Project.

Brett & Mandy, Sponsors of Children

When my wife passed away I wanted to find something truly special that I could honor her memory with. I found Bali Children’s Project. Since then, we have worked together to build three learning centres and my family and I have been their to see how much it means. I thank you Bali Children’s Project for everything you have done and am so pleased that I found you.

Brian, Learning Centre Donor

I currently sponsor 2 kids and although I have not personally met the BCP staff, I came to know about BCP through my kids’ school. Many of the teachers and students take regular trips there and are involved with the projects. It seems like a very well run program.

Maryam, Sponsors a Child

I currently sponsor 5 girls through the help of BCP and can assure you the full funds make it through to the education needs of the children. My girls account ended up in surplus so we spent that on rice for them. From my experience if you gave the money direct to the family the money wouldn’t be spent on education. Hope this helps and I can not have any higher praise for the staff and management of BCP

Mark, Sponsor of Multiple Children and Business Supporter