Ema and Anom

In early 2014, BCP was informed of a brother and sister who were absolutely devoted to the music of the Gamelan, the traditional Balinese orchestra. They had been taught by their father, who had deeply inspired them with a love of this music and a desire to study and teach it. The little girl, Ema Berliana, was 9 and in third grade, and her brother, Anom Candra Yana, 14. He has studied all the arts necessary for a career in Gamelon, including the other instruments and the Shadow Puppets. His life revolves around practice.

Sadly, their father had recently passed away, leaving them with the skills and the dream but no finances. Their mother was supporting them by doing sewing, and determined that the children would attend the special high school necessary for this future.

Meanwhile Anom was going to classes wherever he could, and if he could not get home in time would sleep in the shelter of the statues in nearby villages. One of his teachers told us that he had more promise than any student who he ever met, and that his character is strong and caring.

In mid 2014, two different sponsors came to BCP, looking to sponsor children. One was Raven Solomon, who had sponsored a darling girl who had lost her mother, giving her support since she was 7. Now her girl, Kadek Yuli, was starting college. The other sponsor, Bethlyn Gerard, was a long time friend of Linda and Gary and wanted to help with a childs life.

What this miracle has meant is that both children will now be able to visit their dream and make it possible. Their hard work and devotion will someday lead them to careers that are already their passion, and their lives are forever changed. They will be able to afford these specialty high schools, and one day perform and teach as they’ve always dreamt.

A sponsorship of a child is so much more than a mere donation. It’s a life transformation, and for this brother and sister it will mean the world.