24th February 2016.

Great news for young Erlika, the girl whose sponsorship fell through last month. She has now been re-sponsored for school by kind supporter Stephanie.

Sometimes we see the unfortunate circumstances where sponsors are unable to continue their sponsorships. This was the case for Erlika (pictured left, sister Erika on the right.

The toiletMade Erlika Putri goes to elementary school in a small village in Karangasem, Bali. She has an older sister, Erika, who has already been sponsored.Erlika, Erika, Mother, Father

Erlika’s Life

Erlika lives with her parents, her older sister, her grandfather and grandmother. Her family are rice farmers, with very low incomes. The shack the live in has three rooms, which is shared by 6 people (Erlika, Erika, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa).

The unavoidable circumstances meant that Erlika was short on funds to support her school costs.

Last month we appealed for a new sponsor for Erlika.

Children from the poorest families struggle to complete school, with many dropping out early
erlika2in favour of manual labour work. With a sponsor, that all changes and future opportunities open up through their education.

Erlika is Re-sponsored

Thankfully, supporter Stephanie stepped up to give Erlika the good news she needed. Now she has been re-sponsored, It has rejuvenated Erlika’s future prospects as she now will be able to make it through school.

Erlika’s sister Erika is also sponsored through kind supporter Jane.

In between sponsorships, we always continue helping children using funds from our Emergency Care Fund. These funds are critical in providing support for children who urgently need it. You can donate to our Emergency Care Fund here (please mark your donation ‘FOR EMERGENCY CARE FUND’).

If you would like to become a sponsor please see our sponsorship waiting list and or get in touch.

Erlika re-sponsored by Stephanie