In Bali, many children cannot afford the basics to go to elementary school. You can help by donating a $100 fully supplied backpack.

For a $100 USD donation, you can help a child in Bali to have a complete set of new school supplies, uniforms and equipment. All donors receive a thank you from the child you have helped to support.

Backpacks Raised so Far

School Supply Backpacks Raised so Far

School Entry Backpacks

In Bali, elementary school is free. However, children are expected to have their own supplies, uniforms, shoes, backpacks and stationery.

For children living in poverty, they have to make do with old tattered supplies.

Providing a fully equipped backpack not only gives children the physical supplies needed for school, but a huge psychological boost too.

Children become inspired to learn, going to school with new confidence and determination.

It is an instant change in children, who go from having little to be smile about, to having a something to finally call their own.

What is in a School Supply Backpack?

– 2 school uniforms (regular, scouts)

– 2 pairs of black school shoes

– A school backpack

– School supplies (books, pens, pencils and pencil case)

*Note: This program is aimed at grade 1-5. For children grades 6-12, costs rise, hence the need for monthly sponsorship.

What will happen to my donation?

Once confirmed, your donation will be alloted to a specific student currently waiting for school supply support.

Our team will purchase the supplies and our local sponsorship co-ordinators will deliver the package directly to students in need.

Our co-ordinator then takes a ‘thank you photo’ from the student who has been supported, specifically thanking you, their donor.

Afterwards, the photos are sorted and uploaded to google drive, before being sent as a thank you to donors.

Does it have to be 100 USD?

$100 USD is the cost of each fully equipped school supply backpack.

Donors are welcome to cover the full cost of a school supply backpack, or multiple backpacks.

All donations, large or small will go towards our total raised. For donations under $100 usd, the funds will be combined with other donors to help make up a school supply backpack.

Our team look forward to updating every single donor with your thank you photos from the children you have helped.

Some of the students awaiting school supply backpacks