Pande-KomangKomang Pande is from Petak Village, Madangan, a small village in the Regency of Gianyar. Her father has passed away and her mother is in very poor health. Komang is the middle child with an older married brother with 2 children and a younger one. Her family home is extremely poor, with a dirt floor and on the top of the river bank.

BCP met Komang and her brother in 2012 when a teacher was looking for help for them. Komang had slipped down the river bank twice when going to bathe, and each time she broke her arm. The first time didn’t heal right and the second time she couldn’t get help and it was in a sling. BCP spent a great deal of time searching for help for her arm which was eventually healed.

Because of the depth of her poverty, there was little chance that Komang would be able to continue in school. However, BCP got sponsors for both her and her brother, and now Komang is in her last year of high school. She is living with a family that can give her educational and emotional support, but also spends time with her mother. She spent her summer vacation interning at a Spa School and loved it. Her grades are high and she’s a lovely, smart and outgoing girl. She is first in her class and well on her way to realize her dream of becoming a teacher.