WAITING-FOR-NEW-PRE-K2After about 8 years of having no permanent home for its pre-school, BCP has almost completed a fabulous new building with adjacent library in Penestanan Kaja, Ubud. When finished, it will have 2 classrooms, a library for the pre-school and village, an herbal garden and a playground.

We were exceedingly fortunate to meet Jenn Plessner, who visited the BCP office a year ago with the desire to create something lasting and meaningful. The miracle is that she really did. She raised $10,000 through funding and gave us the means to build this wonderful Pre-K. She also enlisted friend Melissa Smith, with her Kuala Lumpur students, to help, and Melissa enlisted Suji Gupta DeHart to help create the library. Jenn has visited in October and the children celebrated her gift to their future.

PAK-WI-LOOKING-GOODWatching the building progress, completely built by hand, has been a joy. It’s growing from rough land into a multi level garden and modern building. The workers have been exemplary and their work meticulous.

We hope to open in November, 2014, though funding is still needed to finish the building, playground and garden.

The children are still going to school in the BCP office until the school is ready, but children and teachers are incredibly eager to start school in the new and lovely building.


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