Sembiran Library is now Fully Funded!

Fully Funded!

Sembiran Library, way up in the Bali mountains needs help. Can you help us renovate this building into a wonderful new library?

Can you help us raise 7,530 USD to renovate Sembiran Library?

Sembiran Elementary is nestled in the misty mountains of Bali. With 176 students, the school does its very best to educate them.

It’s farming country up in these mountains. Most parents of school students make ends meet as farmers or day workers.

However, it’s hard to encourage students to read. Their library has been kept clean, but needs building repairs. The ceiling is damaged and other parts have literally fallen off.

The books at the library are old and many are falling apart. The books that are still in good condition offer very little to inspire or interest children. Most of them are black and white text books, covering subject that particularly interesting for children.

Apart from the bookshelves and the old books, the building is empty. There is very little to interest students – not even as much as a chair.

Our plan is to renovate this building as we have many others. We will fix the roof and toilet and paint an inspiring new mural. The new library will be equipped with new furniture, comfortable seating and of course hundreds of books.

However, we can only renovate the library with the help of donors. Our latest community donor project, we’ll be combining every single donation together until we reach our target.

Click below to add your donation. Large or small, all donations matter and help us get closer to our target.

Names of every donor will be included within the wall murals painted on the inside of the library.

How your Donation Helps


$10 USD buys a good quality, coloured story book


$50 USD buys a comfortable beanbag chair for kids to read in


$150 USD buys a quality new bookcase


$250 USD buys over 25 great quality, colour books


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

How Renovations Work