Soni1Soni was about 7 years old when she was first sponsored by BCP, having already dropped out of second grade. She was taken in by another family in her crowded compound and she returned to school. The thought of stopping again was never a thought.

Soni and her friends became integral parts of the BCP family and staff, and she grew up always knowing she had a place to come and a safety net for her education. To date, except for a Soni2younger sister in high school, Soni is the only one of 5 siblings to finish both grammar school and high school.

She continued after that to college for Tourism and is continuing there and studying cooking, while also working in the BCP office when not in school. She makes a rich contribution to everyone and is a joy to be around.

Soni married in 2013, and now has an extended and wonderful family in her husband’s compound. As a Balinese woman she carries on great traditions, but as a modern woman she has her own individual future also.

And, as a gift of carrying it forward, Soni has made it her mission to bring especially needy children to the attention of BCP, sensing their poverty and wanting to ensure their education. To date 3 new children have found sponsors to help them through school because of her great heart.