mattresses1Imagine it’s bedtime and you’re putting your child to bed. Tucking them in, sitting on the bed, saying good night. But the bed is only some cloth on the cement floor, and the pillow the barest of comfort. The cover is just another cloth, and maybe the whole family shares the bed.

If you’re luckier, you may have a bed frame where the cloth rests. Or even the thinnest of mattresses, which, although dirty or old, you can’t afford to replace.

A mattress and a bed add a level of comfort to life which most of us take for granted, and give us a place for a good night’s sleep and a spot of cleanliness and safety where we can dream.

Children and families in Bali have these same desires, but the families whom we visit can rarely afford this. Whole families share beds without mattresses, and shelves or drawers to put their few belongings in are a luxury. Things are stored in bags and boxes, and the rooms are dim and crowded and depressing.

Please bring some cheer and comfort to a family’s life with the gift of a mattress and bed frame. Give a child a good night’s sleep. Help them feel proud and fresh as they head off for school.