Nila Warsiki is 9 years old and lives together with her parents, brother and sister. The 5 family members all live together in a simple a one-roomed house. The roof leaks and space is incredibly limited – living conditions are tough.

Nila is in fifth grade, wakes up at 6am and walks 6km to and from school each day. Her family struggles to keep up with paying her school fees. Her dad works as an ad-hoc laborer in the community, when he can get the work. If he does work, he earns $4 (50,000 IDR)  per day.

The family are from a very poor community, in the Bangli region of East Bali. The area does not have much tourism or a stable economy…it can make life extremely difficult for people that are desperately trying to look after their family.
Nila’s mother helps to support the family by taking care of the neighbor’s cow. She finds grass for the cow and also looks for old wood for cooking.
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