Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child means giving a child the opportunity for an education through high school or even after. Because children in Bali often drop out of school because of the inability to pay school fees, this program is a way to make a tangible difference.

Sponsors have a specific child, and the relationship can go on for many years. If you come to Bali you are encouraged to meet your child with a home visit. These are not nameless children seen on TV. They are real children who have been brought to the attention of BCP and who need help to stay in school. We meet them, evaluate their need, and match them with you. Your donation is given to the school as needed for costs.

We send photos of your child and often a note. When they get older they can write the note in English directly, without translation, and it’s quite wonderful.

Donations are made monthly through automatic payments via our website. You get a receipt and the donation is tax deductible in the US. Checks are also possible.

How to Sponsor
Our album of children needing sponsorship is regularly updated. Please see below to see the children and read their stories. You can help change their lives! To sponsor, click here and remember to name the child you would like to sponsor in ‘I want my donation to be dedicated: NAME OF CHILD’.

Sponsor a Teacher

Teachers in the pre-Ks and kindergartens make very low wages as the schools are supported by student fees rather than government regulations. When the government does pay teachers they don’t necessarily pay them all, even within a school. Your sponsorship of a teacher, or of the teachers in a school, could make the difference between struggling to teach or making a livable wage.

A decent wage for a pre-K teacher is now $60/month and most make less than that. Our aim to is supplement these lower salaries so that these dedicated teachers can comfortably teach our children.

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Sponsor a Kindergarten

When BCP creates a school or helps to support it, it is mainly through supplies, books, and volunteers. It is rare that we actually build a school from the beginning because of the extraordinary expense involved for us.

Many of the schools that we help are in very bad and run down condition, needing new roofs, paint, furniture, supplies, construction help, playground equipment, shelving, etc. While BCP can provide volunteers, it needs help from sponsors to improve the conditions of the classrooms themselves to make learning conditions better.

If you or your company can help with this, please go to the Donate page and choose to help a kindergarten.

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Schools Linking

This is a program where one school sponsors another, and the children in both get involved in communication, photos, letters, etc. The sponsoring school can hold fundraisers, contests, or other creative means to support the Bali children’s school. It’s a great cross cultural experience and way to broaden all of the children’s world views as well as help to support a school that really needs it.

All these are forms of Sponsorship, and all are a way to get connected to the life and community of a Balinese child.