102 Students Graduate in 2023 Thanks to Sponsors

With thanks to our sponsors, we are delighted to present our graduates from 2023.

Beating the odds, these children all faced the grim prospect of dropping out of school, but have now graduated thanks to their sponsors.

These 102 students would have only had limited opportunities in life, with prospects restricted to basic day laboring.

But now they have graduated, they are able to break the cycle of poverty in their families and reach for their dreams.

Our Sponsorship Waiting List is updated daily with students just like them who are reliant on a sponsorship if they are to graduate. If you would like to become and change a child’s future, just set up your monthly donation and input which student you would like to sponsor here.

Become a Sponsor

In 2022 alone, 19,000 students were estimated to have dropped out of school due to costs. You can help to give them a different future through sponsorship.