13 Students Sponsored in October

In October, 13 students were given the ultimate gift – a gauranteed route to completing school, thanks to new sponsors.

As incomes have continued to drop, families have found themselves under increased pressure to cover school costs. Many of these families either take loans that they cannot afford to pay back or tell their children they will have to drop out.

That is not going to happen to these 13 children though, thanks to new sponsors Mital, Luke & Vicki, Lynn & Alan and Ding.


We’ve seen an increased rate of sponsorships being cancelled lately, leaving many students suddenly without a sponsor. Thankfully in October, we received more sponsorships than cancellations, meaning that no student had to lose their sposnorship.

In October, there were seven sponsorship cancellations and thirteen new sponsorships.

Now that they are sponsored, these children and their famlies have one less thing to worry about. Students can focus on school, under the watchful eyes of our area co-ordinators.

The sponsorships truly mark a turning point in their lives. An education is the key to escaping poverty and carving out a better future.

Become a Sponsor

If you’d like to change a child’s future by providing a sponsorship, you can visit our Sponsorship Waiting List here or find out more on our sponsorship page here.

October’s Sponsored Students

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To sponsor a student for school, please see our sponsorship waiting list and select the student you would like the help realize their dreams.