13 Students Sponsored for School in September

Our thanks to September’s new sponsors of Agata, Liz, Mathew, Hazel & Jin, Craig, Laurent, Craig & Tracey, Katrina, Dawn, Chantal, Agata and Areta.

With the cost of living impacting the poorest in society the hardest, sponosrships have never been more important.

Officially, the graduation rate of completing high school is around 4 out of 5. Meaning 1 in 5 drop out. However, after the pandemic and the new cost of living crisis, this figure is likely to get even worse as families face the difficult decision of having their children stop school.

Bali Children’s Project provide a critical intervention in these children’s lives, thanks to sponsors.

Enabling them to stay in school and pay all of their school fees means their life will take a completely different path to their originally limited opportunities.

We update our sponsorship waiting list regularly. If you’d like to read about students currently needing help to stay in school, visit this page.

Sponsor a Student for School

We find children at the highest risk of droppig out of school and ensure their costs are covered. You can help them to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty forever.