Thirteen Students Sponsored in February

Thirteen more students now have their school careers secured thanks to kind new sponsors in February.

The students were previously on our waiting list, having been identified as students who would drop out of school without support.

In Bali, 1 in 5 students will never graduate from high school due to the costs involved. With the pandemic, families are under even more pressure. School costs still exist, yet their incomes are even lower.

Many families have no choice but to tell their children that they will have to drop out of school.

But sponsorships are changing that. It gives children a gauranteed route through school – paying all of their school fees and helping them afford their studies.

Our thanks to new sponsors in February of Barry, Tom (dedicated to the OTU community), Laurent & Marie, Adam & Susanne, Simonne, Thomas, Gerda, Laureen, Max & Noel, The Rice Family and Camiel.

The Sponsorship Waiting List is updated in real time with students needing support to complete school. Supporters are asked to choose a student to support and set up a monthly sponsorship.

Students Sponsored in February

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We are constantly adding new students onto the Sponsorship Waiting List, in the hope we can give them sponsorship and better opportunities in life. Visit the Sponsorship Waiting List page to find out more.