15 Children Sponsored in December

In a wonderful end to 2019 for sponsorships, new sponsors  in December enabled up to give 15 new children a future in school.

Our thanks to new December sponsors of Heidi, Yumiko, The Wesco Girls, Sophie & Yusuf & Novi, Alfredo, Barry, Griffin, Ekaterina, Mita, Senthil, Susanne & Adam and Jo & Family.

The children are all students who would have dropped out of school otherwise. Coming from poor families and stuck in the cycle of poverty, these children had little hope before.

Now their futures are wide open. They can graduate from high school and access a whole new world or work and further education.

You can see the Sponsorship Waiting List here.

You can become a sponsor and help change the course of a child’s life in Bali.

Sponsorships cover all associated costs for school and help children who would normally drop out to stay in school and graduate.