16 Students Sponsored for School in August

Good news as kind new sponsors have helped 16 more students to stay in school and avoid the risk of dropping out.

High school in Bali costs money. Children from the poorest families struggle to pay fees and as a result are likely to drop out.

Families either take loans (and get in debt) or children are given no choice but to stop school and start basic labour work.

Providing sponsorships means these children can stay in school and will have completely different opportunities in life.

We are grateful to August’s new sponsors of Jim, Tracy, Hayden & Dyke & Simmo & Robbo, Alana, Emir, Anne, Angela, Siew, Ben & Emma, Ruben & Oma, Catherine, Barry, Mel, Mindy & Adonis.

We update our sponsorship waiting list regularly. If you’d like to read about students currently needing help to stay in school, visit this page.

Sponsor a Student for School

One in five students will never graduate from high school. You can help them to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty forever.