17 New Students Sponsored in March

March was a great month for the sponsorship program as we were able to secure school futures for 17 more students.

In Bali, school fees are one of the main barriers to children receiving an education – so much that 1 in 5 students will never graduate from school.

For these 17 children, all those worries have melted away.

Our thanks to March’s new sponsors of Grant & Sonia, Ethan, Barry, Alba, Alexane & Melissa, Pauline, Grace, Yasmin, Clover, Kelsey, Kim and Carolyne.

Sponsoring Children for School

Our team focuses on finding these students and giving them a chance to finish school.

Most of these students are destined to drop out early or get into huge family debt if they have any hope of finishing school.

But sponsorships change that be covering all costs for school, with students closely watched over by our area co-ordinators.

During the pandemic, life has been more difficult for families who were already in poverty. Faced with a lack of income and increased competition for work, affording school fees is even more difficult.

If you’d like to sponsor a student, please see our Sponsorship Waiting List.

Set up a Sponsorship

Sponsorships only exist thanks to kind people who choose to give the gift of sponsorship to children from our waiting list. To become a sponsor, click below.