Eighteen Students Sponsored in November

Bali Children’s Project are proud to announce a further 18 students have been sponsored for school thanks to Novembers new sponsors.

As the pandemic goes on longer, family income is even lower than before, leaving little left for school costs. School is either remote or in limited numbers, but fees still apply.

In Bali, school costs money. Fees range depending on the type of school, area and vocation. Official figures show one in five students will never graduate high school. Bali Children’s Project finds those students and gives them a route to graduation, changing their futures.

This can only be done with the help of sponsors though. In Novemeber, this has changed the lives and futures of 18 students.

Our thanks to November’s new sponsors of Barry, Laurent, Georges, Pinya & Douglas, Ruben, Ethan, William, Sarah, Audi, Chika, The McHugh family, Stephan, Tom and Franziska.

The Sponsorship Waiting List is updated in real time with students needing support to complete school. Supporters are asked to choose a student to support and set up a monthly sponsorship.

Students Sponsored in November

Become a Sponsor

We are constantly adding new students onto the Sponsorship Waiting List, in the hope we can give them sponsorship and better opportunities in life. Visit the Sponsorship Waiting List page to find out more.