19 Students Sponsored in July

Wonderful news for 19 students in Bali, as new life-changing sponsorships secure their school futures. Thanks to July’s sponsors, 19 students will never have to worry about dropping out again.

As the school year ended and a new year starts, it is one of the most important times for children – school fees are due and payments must be made.

We thank our sponsors David, Franziska, Mary Ann, Marla & Al, Phillipa, Linda (for Sheila), Viktoria & Michael, Betsy, Jessica & Michael, Mark & Cheryl, Thomas, Bethlyn, Alison, Belinda & Russell, Brian and Mark.

In Bali, high school costs money. Finances are by far the main barrier to students graduating from school. Left with no other choice, children end up dropping out.

The official graduation figures (for 2022) show 98,896 students graduating in 2022. Based on this figure being 83.84% of documented students, this suggests that 19,062 students did not graduate from high school in 2022.

Although our sponsorships (currently 540 students) are only a small portion of this, it gives an invaluable impact on children’s lives and futures.

When you become a sponsor, you offer a student a route out of the cycle of poverty. They are able to graduate and access work and further education that would be impossible without support

We update our sponsorship waiting list regularly. If you’d like to read about students currently needing help to stay in school, visit this page.

Sponsor a Student for School

One in five students will never graduate from high school. You can help them to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty forever.