3rd August 2016.

We were able to sponsor a further 21 students through school in July. The sponsorships secure their educational future and are life changing

For each of the 21 children sponsored in July, their future prospects were bleak. Coming from a poor family in Bali means children are less likely to graduate from school.

As children grow up, school costs increase and many children are forced to drop out of school. However, new sponsorships in July have guaranteed a school future for 21 children. Their education is now secured and their futures are now in their own hands.

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We are incredibly grateful to July’s sponsors who have already begun changing the children’s lives. We thank Roberto (Girotondo Kindergarten), Nadine & Gary, Suze, Timothy Sykes, Robert, Zubin, Scott, Donna, Michelle and Karen who have all sponsored.

You can see the children who were sponsored in our Facebook Album.spons2

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