22nd Karmagawa Funded Project Opens in Bali

Our latest renovation is complete! It’s our 22nd project together with @karmagawa to be completed in Bali!

This time we had the task of transforming an old library into a brand new learning centre.

It involved renovating the building and giving it a new lease of life, turning it into an exciting place for children to learn, instead of the boring old library it used to be.

Providing these facilities in Bali is even more important than ever. Children in rural communities are often underserved and so do not have access to quality books or computers.

It’s all been made worse by the pandemic as children have missed a lot of school.

New Learning Centre, New Opportunities

Now at this school, children will be able to learn here, inside and outside of school hours. It can be a key part of their development and change the course of their lives.

Learning centres are inspirational, engaging and exciting for children. They are a place where they can unlock the potential of their minds through learning.

Just look at the difference in the photos from before and after.

Even more good news is on the way, as we’re also renovating a kindergarten next to this school, so now children from this village will have their education revolutionized right from the early stages.

We are proud to have completed this latest project thanks to support from Karmagawa. If you would like to help renovate a library in Bali, please get in touch.



Support a Library

Bali Children’s Project has many more libraries in need of support. If you can help us to transform a library into a learning centre, please get in touch.