27 Students Sponsored in September

September was another wonderful month for sponsorships, as 27 students were given a school future thanks to new sponsors.

The new academic school year has just started, against a backdrop of uncertainty. With schools finally open after a pandemic lockdown, students are able to go to school once again, instead of distance learning.

But high school isn’t free. The fees mean families either get in debt and have to take loans, or children just drop out completely. On average, 1 in 5 students drop out of high school in Bali.

The pandemic has made things worse, as famlies who were already living in poverty have seen their incomes drop even further.

New Futures

Thanks to the new sponsorships, 27 families will never have to worry about getting in debt or seeing their child drop out of school.

Through the sponsorships, children’s school needs are completely covered by Bali Children’s Project, enabling them to reach for their dreams.

It also represents the chance to stop the cycle of poverty for families once and for all. Once educated, children are able to seek better work and lift their families out of poverty.

Our thanks to September sponsors of Riddhi, The Rice Family, Andrei, Tara, The Villermet Family, Dennis, Philip, Barry, Kandice, Alicia, Devin & Dave, David & Lee-Ann and Fatima.

If you would like to change a child’s life through sponsorship, please see our Sponsorship Waiting List for children in need of sponsorsip – or our About Sponorships page for more information.

Students Sponsored in September

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