4th January 2017.

December was a brilliant end to 2017 as we sponsored 9 more children for school, giving them secured education and new hope of a future.

As 2017 drew to an end, we were able to deliver the exciting news to 9 more children. The situations of each of these children were quite desperate, and the sponsorships are a huge relief for their families.

It means the children have a guaranteed school future and will graduate high school. As school in Bali is not free, hopes of finishing school for children from the poorest families hinge on whether they can find a sponsor.

Thank you to Tomas & Kamile, Cheryl, Polina, Nirvana, Maryam, Kim & Grace and Bruce for making the commitment to help these children change their lives through education.

The new sponsorships bring our total number of new children sponsored in 2016 to 119. It truly gives children the opportunity to carve out a future that was previously closed to them. Our gratitude to everyone who has become and continued their valued sponsorships in 2016.

For more information on how to set up a sponsorship, see here.

You can read the story of each child sponsored in December by clicking the images.