August’s Nine

Fantastic news for another nine children on our sponsorship waiting list! They have all been sponsored for school in August.

It’s thanks to August’s new sponsors – James, Elysia, Maryam, Judy & Peter, Laureen, Heather, Emyli, Kathleen and Opy.

In Bali, 1 in 5 students will never finish high school. The majority of the time, this is because their family lacks the funds to pay for their education. That is why Bali Children’s Project administers sponsorships.

We find those 1 in 5 students and transform their futures by covering all of their school expenses.

However, it’s no easy job. The program is set up and run by a team of dedicated Indonesians, including local co-ordinators who are responsible for seeing that children’s sponsorships are giving them all they need.

The program is run by our sponsorship manager, who oversees all local co-ordinators and financial requests/receipts.

It’s a highly structured program that is delivering new futures for children, as we’ve seen with our 22 graduates in 2018 – all of whom have moved on to work or college.

The work does not stop though. Along with managing almost 300 sponsoships, we are always adding children who need help to our waiting list.

The most important part of the program is the sponsors. Why? Because without kind people committing to sponsor children, there would be no program. Now, these nine children who were sponsored in August 2018 have completely new futures and opportunities in life. We can’t wait until they graduate.

You can see the Sponsorship Waiting List here.

You can become a sponsor and help change the course of a child’s life in Bali.

Sponsorships cover all associated costs for school and help children who would normally drop out to stay in school and graduate.