7th October 2015.

When supporters Lisa and Mal came on holiday to Bali, they brought with them a whole suitcase full of donations for preschools in Bali.

One of the kindest gestures we hear of is when people go out of their way to help underprivileged children here in Bali. And this was certainly the case when Lisa and Mal came to visit us.

Lisa 1Lisa and Mal got in touch with us to say they had collected toys, games and educational equipment to bring over with them on their trip from Australia. Not only that, one of their first activities was to buy even more items to donate.
Lisa 2

Lisa 8

Lisa 11The generous couple met us at our Visitor Centre in Ubud, before we headed our to a BCP supported pre school in the poor area of Metro, Bangli.

Pre schools are not yet part of formal education in Indonesia, with most access available to children from more privileged backgrounds.

However, there are also schools run by community members who are committed to supporting the children that normally wouldn’t be able to afford early stage learning.

Part of our support for these schools is to help train, equip and develop their facilities and practices. So when Lisa and Mal got in touch, we knew a perfect place to donate the items would be the underprivileged school.

Accompanied by our staff member Gede, we had an early start as we headed out to Bangli. We left early to be arrive before school finishes and to enable the children to be there when the items were donated.

There were smiles all around and happy faces as we arrived and presented the gifts for the school. We also had the opportunity to play a few games with the class, including showing them how to use the new equipment.

We can’t thank Lisa and Mal enough for their kindness. It’s really amazing to think that they went so far out of their way, while on holiday, to help those less fortunate.

The kind couple said they were just ‘glad that we could help out in a small way’.

We invite supporters to donate to our wishlist and welcome visits that include delivering any donated items.