16th June 2016.

Friends Alison and Susan came to the aid of the children they sponsor, by personally donating and delivering mattresses for the families.

family bed

The bed, located in the middle of the compound

When supporter Alison sponsored two children earlier this year, we were delighted. Alison and friend Susan were moved by the story of one particular family. Months later when on holiday in Bali, Alison and Susan been to visit and seen first hand how their support has changed the lives of a family.

Extreme Poverty

Brothers I Nengah Berata and I Ketut Tirta Jaya are brothers who live with their parents and their extended family. The family has extremely little. When we went to visit the family – which includes uncles, aunts and cousins – we saw the scale of their poverty.

Nengah Berata's Painting

Nengah Berata is a talented artists and even sells paintings

The structures in the family compound are temporary bamboo made shelters and can barely be called housing. The family bed was located in the middle of the compound, with one wall made out of wicker material.

Nengah, a talented artist, had been trying his utmost to help pay for the family to live. After school, he calves wooden birds, hoping to sell them so he can help with daily costs.

Struggling to afford food, there was little hope for the growing boys to complete a school system that costs more as they grow older.

Alison and Nengah

Alison, with Nengah Berata

Alison and Susan Changing Lives

The family was given a huge boost when Alison sponsored the two brothers. Not only that, Alison told her friends about the situation of the family and up stepped Alison’s friend Susan to sponsor cousin I Nengah Subagia.

The sponsorship sparked a huge turnaround in fortune for the large family. They were able to focus on finalising the transfer of land that has allowed them to build a new basic living structure.

The new house would provide shelter from the wind and rain and actual sleeping areas.

New mattresses

Alison, Susan and John donating new mattresses

Trip to Bali with a Mission

Fast forward to May and the best friends’ trip to Bali was not complete without visiting the children and families they are helping. Their generosity continued in delivering a special surprise to help things at the families new house – they donated three brand new mattresses.

Meanwhile, Berata, Tirta and Subagia are all staying in school and able to afford the various fees.

It’s been such an amazing turnaround for a family that was in so much need.

susan3After the visit, Alison summed things up so well…

“Our visit to drop off mattress bedding clothes and food was met with a sea of lovely smiles. The day was filled with laughter, smiles much nodding and hugs.”

‘People say to me great work Al, but honestly what this beautiful family have given me in return is so very precious. Thank you Bali Children’s Project [for] supporting children and families, although they may have little food and possessions their hearts are filled with gold’.

Our heartfelt thanks goes to Alison, Susan and their families who have really made a huge difference.

Interested in Sponsorship?

Bali Childrens Project Welcomes visits from sponsors to see how they are helping change lives. If you are a sponsor and would like to arrange a visit, please get in touch.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor yourself, you can find our all about how in our sponsorship section.