2019 Annual Review

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to announce our latest Annual Review is now available. Click the image below to read or download the full Annual Review.

The Annual Review invites readers to learn a little more about Bali Children’s Project and the range of programs that we run.

With an introduction from Founder Linda Venter, you can meet you team, find out more and see how our work is impacting children whose families are stuck in the cycle of poverty.

The Annual Review includes our latest set of accounts, which have newly been certified in the US. We pride ourselves on showing financial transparency, so that donors know that when they donate, it genuinely helps change children’s lives.

Gold Star

For the fifth year running, Bali Children’s Project has received the Guidestar Gold Certificate for Transparency in financial reporting.

We’re proud to show supporters exactly how you’ve been changing lives in Bali and how your donations are used.

Impact and Planning

The Annual Review takes a brief look at the impact of our work in figures, showing how we have educated tens of thousands of students in 2018 alone. Our work isn’t just a statistic though – it is the individual stories of children’s lives changed forever. We show this through just a handful of case studies.

Finally, Bali Children’s Project introduces our plans for the future as well as how donors are an integral part of ensuring we can help more children escape poverty through education.