205 Backpacks Raised

Bali Children’s Project is excited to announce that our recent appeal raised 205 school entry backpacks! It means that children can go to elementary school with all the equipment and materials they need.

Thanks to supporters from all over the world, we were able to raise a massive 20,500 USD to enable us to purchase the neccessary items to deliver to children living in poverty. The 2019 Entry Backpack Appeal was launched in June to raise enough funds to equip as many students as possible for school.

The School Entry Backpack program exists to children from families who are in the cycle of poverty. Although elementary school is free to access, materials are not. That means that children from poor families simply can’t afford even the most basic supplies.

It’s resulted in many children going to school with nothing but plastic bags as rucksacks, broken shoes or sandals and torn uniforms. Under these conditions, it’s no wonder they’d struggle in school.

Going to School Happy

But now these children will be receiving new fully equipped backpacks, complete with new shoes, uniforms, a backpack and all the supplies they need for school.

The School Entry Backpacks put a huge smile on children’s faces as they go from having nothing, to having everything they need.

Now the funds have been raised, our team are busy putting together the backpacks, which will be delivered in August and September.

If you have donated a School Entry Backpack, you’ll be getting a personalised thank you card from the child that you have helped to support for school.

Did you miss the appeal?

If you missed the appeal this time, no need to worry – you can still donate a backpack. Just see our School Entry Backpack page.

Your backpack will be used in our 2020 deliveries and will make up part of our goal for next year.

Sponsorship Manager Anastastia explains why Entry Backpacks are needed in Bali

Donate a School Entry Backpack

To donate your backpack, follow the donate link below, input your donation of $100 USD and select ‘school entry backpacks’ under the program designation.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive thank you photos from the child or children whom you have helped.