8th September 2017.

Thank you to the eight new donors who became sponsors of children from our Sponsorship Waiting List in August.

Children on the sponsorship waiting list are those children who are most likely to drop out of school. Based on official figures it’s estimated that 10-19% of students will not graduate from high school. That’s around 2 in 10 students.

So when children on the waiting list become sponsored, their prospects for life change. Instead of continuing in the footsteps of their parents – often manual laborors – children are given the chance to forge their own futures.

You can find out more about how sponsorships help children escape poverty through education here.

The eight children sponsored by Adonis & Mindy, Ajit, Daniel, Daniela, Eric, Henry & Patricia, Juanita and Sarah all have new opportunities in life.

You can find out more about how to become a sponsor here or see our sponsorship waiting list for children still awaiting a sponsor here.