Bali Children’s Project COVID Food Relief Appeal Reaches Milestone

A charity based in Bali has raised over one thousand food relief packages for families whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the pandemic.

With Bali closed to international tourism, the normally bustling holiday island has gone quiet. It’s left a huge dent in the livelihoods of locals.

Thanks to support from all over the world, Bali Children’s Project’s appeal has raised over 40,000 USD and more than 1,000 food packages.

Bali on the Brink

A tourism hotspot, Bali’s economy has been severely impacted during the pandemic. The tourism industry doesn’t just employ direct hotel workers; it goes right through the supply chain.

Farmers, building workers and many others have seen a drop in demand for their services and products, much of which would normally come from tourism.

“Many people have returned to their family villages, inadvertently creating even more pressure on the local economy. So now the poorest families have even more competition and less income.” Anastasia Restu Rahayu, Sponsorship Manager for Bali Children’s Project explained.

Families Struggling

Asih, one of Bali Children’s Project sponsored girls told her story.

“My sister, who dropped out of school and worked in Denpasar as a housekeeper, came back home not long after the pandemic began because she lost her job. Now my sister and my parents are struggling to find labour work in our hometown,”

Kadi, one of Bali Children’s Project sponsored students had a similar story.

“We barely earn enough to buy rice. Oftentimes we eat plain sweet potatoes or cassava, because we can’t afford rice,”

Ngurah, a graduate from Bali Children’s Project’s program has also found life difficult.

“I managed to find work in tourism, earning well enough to buy a new bike, and even repaired our home since I graduated from school and the sponsorship two years ago. Now my workplace has been closed due to the pandemic, and I struggle a lot to find work as a laborer.”


Buda Aripan lives and works on a brick making site with his mother. His father passed away and so when Buda is the man of the house. When he’s not in school he works, but since the pandemic there are far less orders


Ngurah graduated from school and started working in tourism. However, he’s lost his job in tourism and now works as a laborer like his mother, although jobs are few and far between.


Kadi and his elderly parents have been struggling to afford food, so relief packages have been essential during the pandemic.

Appeal for Relief Packages

Since April 2020, Bali Children’s Project has been appealing to visitors who have fallen in love with Bali to help during its time of need.

“We launched the appeal when it became clear that there was less work and families would be struggling to live.”

To date, the appeal has provided 25 tonnes of rice, 40,000 eggs, 2,000 litres of cooking oil, 40,000 packets of noodles and more. It has given Balinese families a glimmer of hope too.

“These packages have made an incredible difference. We’ve been able to put smiles on the faces of families who live in poverty and ease their burden.”

“It gives a family of five food and hygiene staples to last over a month. We are so grateful for the support from donors who have helped us reach this milestone.”


The Bali Children’s Project team have been delivering food packages kindly donated by supporters.


Komang Asih and her family have found life harder since the pandemic. Here sister lost her low paying job and the family struggle to find labour work in their village.

I Gede Agus Subawa live in a very simple home and can barely afford food after an increase in local competition.

What is in a Food Relief Package?

Each 40 USD package includes 25kg of rice, 1 tray of eggs, 2 litres of cooking oil, 40 instant noodle packets, 5 bars of soap, 1 pack of detergent and 1 tube of toothpaste.

Each donor receives a personalized thank you photo from the family you have helped support.

“We intend to run the appeal as long as it is needed. Things are very difficult for families and the longer the pandemic goes on, the worse it gets.”

Donors can help by donating a food package on the appeal page:

People in Bali are suffering due to the pandemic

The economy has come to a grinding halt in Bali. The longer it goes on, the less families have to purchase essential supplies. Our COVID Food Relief Packages are helping them cope with this burden.