In a fantastic event, Bali Children’s Project brought together over 100 high schools to join our 2020 Health Awards.

Located in the ballroom of The Mansion Resort in Ubud, schools came from all over Bali to be part of the awards ceremony. Some students, like those from Singaraja had woken up at 3 am to make sure they didn’t miss out.

Why Awards?

The awards are a part of Bali Children’s Project’s wider work to provide schools with the tools they need to run their own sexual health awareness programs.

Although Bali has made student health groups mandatory in each school, these groups are often ineffective.

Our team works year round with student health groups, helping them develop their own strategies and goals. Encouraging these groups to give a sustained impact in their school means we can reach tens of thousands more students.

The awards are here to help further inspire student groups and their teachers. The aim is to give groups more pride in their work and help them aspire to even more successful programs in the future.

2020 Health Awards

Excited students and teachers from over 100 high schools were present for the full day event.

Kicking off with a discussion seminar by Dr. Tuti, who identified Bali’s very first case of AIDS, participants were able to learn in depth information about the history of HIV and AIDS, how it is transmitted and more.

With question and answers sessions and a competitive online quiz that live streams results, the awards were a massive success.

The afternoon brought awards for 11 student groups, ranging from ‘Best Instagram Account’ to ‘Most Active Group’. The awards were presented by a host of government officials, including the head of Bali’s health board.

More to come

The work isn’t over. Over 2020, student groups will be continuing their work, all under the watchful eye of our team.

We’ll be engaging new schools with our Health Awareness workshops – which engages groups in delivering innovative workshops within schools.

Armed with a new online web application, ‘It’s My Life’ booklets and more, schools are getting the opportunity to make a real impact.

Ultimately, this program is saving lives. Sex Education in schools is often lacking, and giving students a sustainable way of learning about the issues means they can make informed decisions about their futures.

Our 2020 Program is thankfully full funded, but we still need long term support

Bali Children’s Project needs help if we are to continue this program and grow it to reach more schools. Expenses include materials, staff costs, booklets and more. If you can become a funder, please get in touch.