Bali Children’s Project Launch ‘Champions for Children’ monthly giving program

Bali Children’s Project is inviting supporters to join a new monthly giving program in Bali. Champions for Children is designed to provide crucial support at a difficult time.

“It has been quite a troubling time for non-profits lately” said Linda Venter, USA Executive Director and founder of Bali Children’s Project.

“We’ve seen quite a slowdown in program growth since COVID and the following cost of living crisis.” Linda explained “The effect is that we’re not as well equipped to help children in need in Bali”.

Champions for Children

Bali Children’s Project runs various projects to benefit children living in poverty in Bali. Projects include kindergarten renovations, libraries renovations, sponsorship for children in high school, child protection, environmental awareness and more.

The new giving program is aiming to help provide the organization with a greater ability to support children in need.

After Kadek's sponsor had to stop their sponsorship, Kadek was left without a sponsor and at risk of dropping out again.dek

Providing Essential Support

Anastasia Rahayu, Bali Children’s Project Sponsorship Manager, explains further.

“Sometimes donors have to stop their sponsorship donations. We don’t want to tell the student that they can no longer go to school.”

“Without support, students cannot graduate or get their school certificates.”

“Champions for Children funding will help to do things like that – give children emergency support.”

It is not just sponsorships that the program aims to help with. Working as a cumulative effect, monthly donations can be combined to have a huge impact.

In 2023, Bali Children’s Project’s Sex Education program was paused due to a lack of funding availability. Champions for Children will give the charity the ability to use funds where they are most needed. It will mean that life-saving programs such as Sex Education can be saved.

Bali Children's Project's life-saving awareness program in sex education was paused in 2023 due to lack of funds

Become a Champion for Children in Bali

“We invite anyone to be a supporter and become a Champion for Children” Linda continued.

“The aim is to give us more financial security to better help children escape poverty in Bali”.

Champions for Children operates separately to Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Program.

“Sponsorships give specific children a route to complete school and is a set average cost of $40 USD a month.” said Anastasia. “The funds are used specifically to support those children through school.”

“Champions for Children is a little more flexible. Donors can choose the amount and we can use the funds where they are needed most.”

Upon joining Champions for Children, donors will be sent a welcome email and a thank you card. Donors also receive a quarterly enewsletter outlining how the program has helped children in poverty.

Become a Champion for Children

You can become a Champion for Children too! No matter how much, all support makes a difference and enables us to build towards a better future for children in Bali.