Bali Dynasty Resort Support Bali Children’s Project

Wonderful news from Bali as the kind people at Bali Dynasty Resort have become our latest Business Supporter – resulting a massive boost to sponsorships of children who would otherwise drop out of school.

Bali Dynasty Resort is a premier beachside resort in South Kuta Bali, renowned for its warm Balinese hospitality. One of Bali’s most established resorts, Bali Dynasty Resort is committed to supporting local charities through its ‘Helping Friends for Life’ program.

The hotel uses some inventive ways to fundraise support, including adding an optional $2 onto guests bills, charity quiz nights and more.

Helping Children to Stay in School

Now in 2023, Bali Dynasty Resort has added Bali Children’s Project as one of their supported charities. Starting by sponsoring three students for school, the ongoing partnership will have a huge impact on children’s futures.

“We are so happy to be working with Bali Dynasty to support children into better futures in Bali. Children who would have dropped out will now be able to graduate high school. It will change their lives, opening up new futures that were previously thought impossible. We thank Bali Dynasty and your kind guests for your support.” said Anastasia Rahayu, Sponsorship Manager at Bali Children’s Project.

Business Support

Business supporters like Bali Dynasty Resort are crucial to Bali Children’s Project and the children whom we support.

Creating a business partnership means that children in Bali have a better chance of a future.

With donations supporting specific programs, business supporters have helped us to build libraries, renovate kindergartens, sponsor children for school and run life saving sex education programs too.

If you’d like to become a business supporter, please get in touch.

To find out more about becoming a Business Charity Partner with Bali Children’s Project, please get in touch.

*Please note charity partners should be appropriate to a non-profit supporting children. Please get in touch to find out more.