The big educational news this week was that Bali has set out its plan to start reopening schools.

With the 19/20 school year formally over in June, schools should be starting for the new year again in July. The measures were announced by Bali Education Board on a live YouTube feed.

Green, Yellow, Orange and Red Zones

On the face of it, reopening schools may seem hasty, but Bali’s Education Board has set out a plan to ensure maximum safety for students.

In Bali, COVID-19 zones are split into Green, Yellow, Orange and Red*; green being no confirmed cases, yellow being several locally transmitted cases confirmed, orange being confirmed clustered cases, and red being active cases transmitted into the whole community.

Schools in green zones will be allowed to open under social distancing and mandatory class numbers, along with new hygiene standards – a ‘new normal’, providing they pass a two month trial phase.

Schools in all other zones will continue with online classes and studying from home until their area becomes a green zone.

At the time of writing, there are very few green zones (6% of students are in green zones), however this is expected to gradually change as cases of COVID19 reduce. Eventually, all schools will be back open.

School Costs

Even though the last three months have seen schools closed and studying from home, school costs have not changed.

In fact, things have gotten a lot worse for families. With a reduced income but the same costs, it makes affording school fees even more difficult.

While there is extra help available for some students, most students will not receive this.

To make things even more complex, the new school year represents the most costly time of the year for high school students. Enrolling in a new school year, students are expected to pay their annual fees. Other costs include extra-curricular fees, uniforms, shoes and more.

To access a good school with a vocation a student wants costs money and if families can’t afford that, students have little choice but to drop out.

Sponsorships Save the Day

Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Program helps to find students at high risk of dropping out and give them a school future by covering their fees.

The new school year is a time when most students drop out as it involves the most fees. Depending on the school, entry fees alone can cost 3,000,000 IDR (approximately 200 USD).

This program is wholly reliant on the kindness of individuals throughout the work. Supporters are invited to become sponsors, with  a list of children awaiting sponsorship on the Sponsorship Waiting List.

*Reference: 200615_Panduan Penyelenggaraan Pembelajaran TA Baru di Masa Pandemi COVID19

You can find out all about how sponsorships work in the dedicated section on our website


Sponsorships are run by Bali Children’s Project and provide a life changing intervention, giving students who would drop out a chance at finishing school and achieving their dreams.