Thank you to all who donated towards this project. Thanks to your support, we have raised our target can commence the renovation.

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The Banana School is an underequipped kindergarten in rural Bali. Donate and help us to reach our target of 5,000 USD to renovate this school.

Can you help us raise 5,000 USD to renovate The Banana School?

Bali Children’s Project helps kindergartens by providing supplies, support and renovations. It helps to revolutionize early stage learning in Bali’s rural villages, giving young learners access to quality education.

Kindergartens in Bali often struggle and have to make do with only very basic or broken equipment. Many villages find it difficult to fund kindergartens due to their limited budgets.

Pisang Village is located on the agricultural slopes leading up to Bali’s Mount Batur. Most villagers work as farmers in the local area. For 11 years the school had operated from an open sided building. Dismayed with the poor quality, the community started saving…

After a huge effort, the village managed to raise just enough money to build a new school. Completely spent out, there was no more money to add the key element of supplies. It means the school is still making do with old rotted furniture and broken equipment.

The playground consists of just a swing and a seesaw.

Now, with the help of Bali Children’s Project donors, we plan to finally give this school a new complement of supplies along with new furniture, a new mural, new equipment and a playground. We can only do this with support from donors though.

Click below to add your donation. Large or small, all donations matter and help us get closer to our target.

Names of every donor will be included within the wall murals painted on the inside of the library.

How your Donation Helps


$10 USD buys a month of arts and crafts materials


$50 USD teachers equipment and supplies


$100 USD buys a high quality table and chair set


$250 USD buys various educational supplies


$450 USD paints an inspiring mural

How Renovations Work