15th January 2016.

They may not know it yet, but teenagers in Bali have received a grant that could save their lives.

The grant to Bali Children’s Project is a major boost for the NGO’s Sex Education Program.

USA based Mel Wolf Foundation has given the grant following a hugely successful program in 2015.

girls condom test smiles presentingIt is the third year running that the Sex Education Program has been funded by the Mel Wolf Foundation.

Started in 2012 by Bali Children’s Project, the program focuses on visiting schools and communities, helping teenagers to understand safe sex.

There is no formal sex education in the Indonesian curriculum. The program set up by Bali Children’s Project provides an engaging, fun and informative day workshop that helps students truly understand the issues.

With spiralling numbers of teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases amongst Bali’s youth, the Sex Education program aims to be the prevention, not the cure.

In April 2013, estimated cases of HIV/AIDS were 7,400 [1]. By December 2014 this figure has increased to 10,371. Officials estimate the real figure could be up to 26,000. [2]

Last year’s program impacted over 2,600 students and the 2016 program aims to be even more ambitious.

This year, Bali Children’s Project aims to visit 54 schools and educate over 3,800 students. Additionally, the project will run workshops with wider communities – including younger children and adults.

In total, it is estimated that 20,000 people will have access to this potentially life-saving information.

Bali Children’s Project

Bali Children’s Project is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in USA and Bali, Indonesia.

Starting with a kind couple sponsoring two children in the mountains of Bali in the early 1990’s, Bali Children’s Project has grown into an effective organization that impacts thousands of children every year.

The Non-Profit Organization focuses on providing school sponsorships for children in poverty, sex education in schools, pre school support and a range of other grassroots projects.

Visit www.balichildrensproject.org or info[at]balichildrensproject.org for more information, to donate, sponsor or volunteer.

You can read Bali Children’s Project’s report on their 2015 sex education activities here.