19th April 2017.

Brothers Tona and Toni are were left with their grandmother at an early age and need a sponsor to realise their dream of becoming mechanics.

I Wayan Tohana Jaya (Tona) and his brother Semara Tama and young sister are all being raised by their elderly grandmother.

Relying on Grandma

It’s a long and sad story, but their disfunctional parents both left and re-married, leaving the children to be raised and supported by their grandmother. It’s been a traumatic time for the three siblings, and they are at high risk of not being able to stay on at school.

Their grandmother takes good care of them,
and supports them by chopping up jackfruits, making them into soup, and selling them to warungs (small restaurants).

She does the best she can, but will not be able to pay the fees that will be needed when the children enter high school.

Tona and Toni Need Support

Tona is the oldest and about to enter Senior High in July. His grades are good and he works hard, excelling in P.E. too.

High school is a way to success for Tona and his brother. Without it, their future is rather bleak as they will have no real skills to offer.

Toni is now in grade 8, with 1 year left until he enters Senior High, and he’ll need a sponsor. His grades are good and he works hard.

After school both boys often help their grandmother to make the vegetables that she sells.

Family Hope in Mechanics

Thankfully, their younger sister Ni Komang Tiara Dewi is still in elementary school and we have already secured a School Entry Backpack for her.

Both Toni and Tona have a rare motivation for their age; they both want want to become motor bike mechanics.

Most boys their age don’t know what to they want to move on to do, but these two driven (get it?) brothers are determined to achieve their dream.

They’re thinking with their heads too – Bali is full of motorbikes and they are almost guaranteed work – if they can graduate.

Can you Help these Boys?

To achieve this dream, they’ll need sponsorship to go to school. To have a good chance of becoming mechanics, Tona and Toni will need to access a vocational senior high school, that has specialist learning opportunities in engineering.

If they can do this, it would change their lives forever. Their grandmother has next to no chance of paying for the schooling.

It would give them self-sufficiency and a career and business opportunity. This is such a terrific goal for both of them, and it’s so important that they have this chance.

To sponsor Toni and/or Tona, please go to our donate page, select a monthly donation of usd $40 and their futures will be secured. Remember to mark your donation ‘for I Wayan Tohana Jaya (Tona) / Semara Tama (Toni)

You’ll receive updates of your support directly from Bali Children’s Project as well as photographs and confidence that you are enabling these boys to finish school. You can find out more about how a sponsorship works here.