Once sponsorships are complete and children have become young adults, the next important step is to help them access work so they can achieve their dreams. Jamu Spa has linked with Bali Children’s Project to provide a great way for those wishing to train as Spa Therapists.

10410651_888180304559193_5233441351889806536_nJamu Spa School has, over the past several years, offered generous scholarships and training
to our high school graduates.

Spas are huge business in Bali and the increasing tourist industry makes moving into this profession a great opportunity for graduates looking for a job.

This is an ubelievable opportunity for a future that can provide skills, job opportunities, independence, and a solid life and income.

In our latest sessions, 25 high school students from 5 Regencies came to learn about this opportunity, some from areas 3 hours away. School finishes in June in Bali and many graduates will be at a turning point in their life when they must decide upon a career.
11059924_888180091225881_7383598317642186389_nHelping young adults access opportunities and find what’s best for them is a hugely important part of our work and is something we’ll be building on in the future.

It’s extremely exciting to help children – who when we met them could not even afford school – link up with Jamu, where they have a very real and exciting new path to follow if they choose to.

Our continued gratitude to Jeanninie Carroll and Ayu Puspita Dewi, Spa Director. Please visit www.jamuspaschool.com to find out more.