31st May 2016.

An update from Bali Children’s Project as we visit more schools and help children to learn how to react to signs of abuse.

cp2Child Protection

Many readers may be aware of rising reports of child abuse in Bali.  There are few official figures surrounding the issue; something that is often just not talked about.

After Bali Children’s Project successful ongoing Sex Education Workshops in Schools, we introduced a new child protection workshop, aimed at younger children.

Our tecp5am works closely with elementary/high schools in Bali to help children learn about abuse and what they can do to avoid it.

Impact of Education

With our latest round of workshops, we visited 6 more schools surrounding Ubud.

The sessions are designed by our very own Opy Sulaeman, who pioneered our Sex, HIV and AIDS cp1Workshops. With a different subject matter, the new sessions are designed for younger children, aged from 6-12 years old.

Working through videos, engaging role play activities and information sessions, the new workshops are proving a hit with children as well as their schools.

The new element to our 2016 Sex and Health Program has already proved to be a much needed program. Out of all the schools approached, every cp4school signed up to the workshop.

In total, we will be undertaking workshops in 22 different schools, which will impact nearly 1,000 children.

With Thanks to Three Monkeys

The sessions are fully funded by kind supporters Three Monkeys. Through their ‘Food for Thought’ campaign, which donates the proceeds of certain meals to Bali Children’s Project. You can read more about their generosity here.

You can support our wider Sex and Health Awareness Program by donating or read more about the work here.