Child Protection Reaches 829 Schools in 2023

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to announce the completion of a huge teacher training effort in Bali.

It is all thanks to funders the Mel Wolf Foundation and the education boards of Badung, Jembrana and Karengasem – and of course the teachers who joined.

Watch the video and see below for our favorite photographs from the huge event.

Capacity Building

The program has trained teachers in every single one of the 829 elementary schools across these regencies of Bali.

Focusing on capacity building, Bali Children’s Project’s aim has always been to give teachers the tools they need to provide suitable abuse awareness in schools.

Education Board Approval

Our incredible team gained regional education board support for the program. It meant that Abuse Awareness Teacher Training mandatory for all elementary schools in the three regencies.

Due to the large number of participants, the program was delivered in different regencies and 15 separate teacher training days.

Creating workshops, our team gave an interactive training workshop to teachers, helping them learn techniques for teaching about abuse.


Not part of formal teacher training curriculum, many teachers do not know how to teach students about abuse.

Identifying this area of need meant that we also needed to develop a plan to maximize impact.

By teaching teachers, the program is reaching far more children than previously possible.

Combined, the three regencies have 123,332 students currently enrolled in elementary school. Now that each of these schools has been trained, the real work begins.

Awareness Across Bali

Our second phase of the program surrounds providing support, guidance and materials for schools and their teachers.

Teachers are now required to report their activity directly to Bali Children’s Project via video reports, datasheets and google forms.

“Our challenge to schools is to ensure every single student has received workshops” said Ayu Gusti Ketut Mahardiyani.

“Together, our task is to ensure this happens. Over the next few months our team will be monitoring every school to ensure workshops have been delivered.”

The Bali Children’s Project team has already seen great reports from schools, with teachers eager to put their training into practice.

Life Saving

The 2023 program has been made possible thanks to funding from The Mel Wolf Foundation. Their support has been crucial to the development of abuse awareness in Bali, helping to initially launch and grow this program.

“Many children have never learned about what abuse is” Gusti explained. “As a result, they do not know how to react when it happens to them”

“With this program, they are given the knowledge to protect themselves.”

Support Child Protection

Although the program is funded for 2023, we are seeking support for 2024 and onwards. Please get in touch if you are able to support this program to thrive into the future.