13th December 2017.

Sisters Citra and Mira have had some rotten luck – both have had two sponsors stop. As they grow older, the only thing that will keep them in school is a sponsorship.


Bali Children’s Project first met Citra and Mira, from Tegallelang (10 minutes north of Ubud) back in 2015 when they were living in a damp basement with their mom and dad. The girls were sick and older sister Citra was about to drop out of school.

The family makes very little painting wooden statues for a carving factory. Their income is so low that basic life costs are tough, let along school costs.

Thankfully, both girls were sponsored and we managed to help move the family into better accommodation, with Mira’s asthma completely disappearing.

You can read their original story here as well the story of how they moved out here.

Sadly though, two years later, both Citra and Mira have had two sponsorships fall though. They’ve probably been the two unluckiest children in all of our sponsorships to have sponsorships dropped twice.

It leaves Bali Children’s Project having to use precious little ’emergency funds’ to support the girls’ school costs, as we can not bear to tell them their sponsorships have fallen through. These emergency funds are extremely limited though and is no long term solution for them.

Approaching her final years of school, Citra is unlikely to stay on in school unless we are able to cover the ever increasing costs. Meanwhile, Mira, who is first in her class is also highly likely to drop out when she enters senior high school.

Mira dreams of being a tour guide, and even has learnt some English, Japanese, Chinese and a little bit of French by hereself in her spare time. She needs a full education if she is to achieve this.

As well as her standard schooling, older sister Citra has been going to extra classes in Maths, Science and English, such is her dedication to succeed, she gladly gives up her ‘free’ time for further learning. These are all paid for through sponsorship.

Citra has 3 years remaining of school, while Mira has 6 years remaining.

What the girls really need is a new sponsor, so we’re appealing to supporters to help turn their situation around once again.

Can you be the one help these two smart sisters? To  sponsor one or both of the sisters, visit our donation page and select $40 monthly donation (for one) or $80 monthly donation (for both girls).

Once you become a sponsor you will receive more information as well as updates on their progress every 6 months, or at your own request.