Village Environment Cleanup

Bali’s ongoing battle with plastic and trash had some good news as our newest program Bali Green Communities has been helping Nyalian village to transform their environment.

Our team has been working with leaders at Nyalian Village to help them overcome their trash problem. Focusing on community education, the project is helping the village to change how they interact with waste. Along with weekly education sessions and an a new trash center, the 18 month project is having a profound impact.

The community proud of their river cleanup

The Environmental Crisis in Bali’s Villages

Bali, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, grapples with a severe environmental crisis in its villages. Poor environmental management, limited infrastructure, and inadequate waste disposal methods have led to the  dumping, burning, and washing of trash downstream into the ocean. This dire situation poses immediate economic and public health risks, with far-reaching consequences for the environment and future generations.

Education Focus

The project employs a holistic approach that combines the implementation of new community laws, infrastructure development, and educational sessions at all levels. The emphasis is not solely on tidying up existing trash but on changing the mindset of the community.

Weekly educational workshops play a central role in this initiative, targeting residents from early childhood to adulthood. These sessions aim to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness about waste management, fostering a community that actively participates in maintaining a clean environment.

A lack of education and alternatives has led to widespread littering

Cleaning Up the River

As a testament to the success of educational efforts, Nyalian Village recently organized a Big Community Cleanup Day. Residents actively engaged in cleaning up the river, showcasing a tangible change in behavior. This event not only symbolizes the community’s commitment to learning and adapting but also serves as evidence of the village’s determination to create a sustainable, healthier environment.

Cleanups are a small part of the puzzle of creating sustainable environmental change

The Start of a Long Road

Part of our plan was to give the village real alternatives to burning and illegal dumping. This has come in the form of educating families about a new way to dispose of their waste, which doesn’t require dumping or burning.

Opening in October, Nyalian Village Trash Center has started operations, the impact of education is clear. With villagers taking on board the lessons, families have been sorting their trash and sending it to the center. In the first three months, the center has recycled 1.5 tonnes of plastic and responsibly disposed of another 750kg of residual waste.

This transformative project represents a beacon of hope for Bali and beyond, demonstrating the power of education in reshaping attitudes and behaviors.

Whilst there is still a long road ahead, Nyalian village has started a commitment that we hope will grow along with it’s youngsters.

Opened in October 2023, the trash sorting center has already stopped 2.5 tonnes of trash from being burned or dumped

Hope for the Future

By addressing the root causes of poor environmental management, Nyalian Village is pioneering a model that could redefine waste management practices and inspire a new era of responsible living in villages across the region.

The success of this initiative holds promise not only for the communities involved but for broader efforts to create a sustainable and cleaner future for our planet.

Programs like this depend on funding. We are thankful to supporters Karmagawa, John GT Nielsen, Circle Club Asia and Acacia for funding this program.

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The community have got together to create a new infrastructure to manage waste

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