4th September 2017.

Thanks to the support of the Timothy Sykes Foundation, Bali Children’s Project has completed another school renovation. You won’t believe the difference.

We’re once again excited to announce the completion of another preschool/kindergarten project in Bali.

Tejakula, North Bali

The area of Tejakula stretches from some of the highest mountains in Bali, to the shores of the north coast. While there is a great commitment to education, many communities have lacked the resource and ability to create schools that will serve early stage learning.

Changing Kindergarten Fortunes

TK Wishuda Laksmi used to operate from a crumbling old school. Thanks to a room loan, the school was able to temporarily move to a building owned by the adjoining elementary school.

Meanwhile, the old school building fell into further disrepair and become more of a crumbling ruin. After the elementary school attendance had increased, they were required to use the loaned room once again.

This meant that TK Wishuda Laksmi would have to return to their old building, which was not at all suitable.

A New Kindergarten

Three short months later and this old crumbling building has been completely renovated by Bali Children’s Project!

Schools Support Manager Ayu has already had fantastic talks with the community, with the agreement already signed.

It’s the next school that we are able to help thanks to support from Timothy Sykes and the Timothy Sykes Foundation. Up until this time, Tim’s support has enabled us to renovate and supply five schools and a new library, with more still to come.

Tim. who has a personal goal to build as many schools as he can, is dedicating the renovation to his friend and student Michael Goode.

Watch how the school went from crumbling ruin to amazing new beach school below.