With an influx of sponsorship cancellations, Bali Children’s Project is seeking new sponsors to help keep students in school.

As the world continues to grapple with coronavirus, children in Bali are seeing their futures affected too. With a new school year starting soon – and therefore even more increased school costs, students are relying on sponsorships to keep them in school.

According to official figures, 1 in 5 students will drop out before completing high school – mainly due to poverty.

Juni Arianti

***UPDATE 17th JUNE: Juni has been sponsored by donor Ariel***

Juni Arianti was so happy when she became sponsored. But sadly due to COVID-19, her sponsor has had to stop.

The second photo is when we met her, she was on the verge of dropping out and was quite unhappy with life. Her parents asked her to drop out and work instead. Since her sponsorship, her whole life changed.

Juni became a much happier and doubled down at school to prove how much it meant to her. She went up to 2nd in her class.

But sadly Juni’s sponsor couldn’t continue and now she’s back on our Sponsorship Waiting List and on the verge of dropping out once again. The new school year will start soon and there are even more costs.

As her parents can’t pay anything for school, she’ll drop out without a sponsor.

Juni is one of several students whose sponsors have had to stop. If you can sponsor her, or any of the others, please head to the Sponsorship Waiting List.

School Future

While school has been ‘working from home’ for the last three months, costs have not changed. In fact, things are only getting worse as the poorest families have an even lower income.

To make matters worse, we are approaching a new school year. Costs such as school entry fees, extra classes, uniforms and more make it the crunch moment for students whose families cannot afford schooling.

With schools in ‘green zones’ anticipated to open again July it’s now or never for students. With an increased number of sponsorships being cancelled, we also have several students on the Sponsorship Waiting List who are desparate to continue in school.

You can find out all about how sponsorships work in the dedicated section on our website

Sponsorships are run by Bali Children’s Project and provide a life changing intervention, giving students who would drop out a chance at finishing school and achieving their dreams.