In these unprecedented times, Bali Children’s Project wishes thank all of our wonderful sponsors all over the world for your continued support.

At a time when many people’s financial situations are changing, we are immensely grateful for our sponsors who continue to support children for school.

Sponsorships are the lifeline given to children who would otherwise have no hope for the future. The sponsorships help to ensure children stay in school, graduate and can have a future of opportunity.

Bali Schools Go Online

As with many places in the world, schools in Bali have temporarily closed. Many schools have moved classes online, with students attending via Google Clasroom.

Although school is closed, things have not changed with regards to costs for students. They are still expected to pay their school fees and have the same expenses such as entry fees, exam fees and more.

Schools, who were supposed to only be closed until 31st March, will be closed for a longer time until further notice.

The single biggest cost often comes at the start of the school year in the form of an enrollment fee, with other costs year round. In short, this means the costs of schooling Bali have not changed.

Meanwhile, our sponsorship team continues to provide visits once every two weeks to all sponsored students. Our team is encouraging students to continue their studies at home and be ready and inspired once school resumes.

Backbone of Bali Children’s Project

To all sponsors, we thank you for your continued support through this troubling time. Your support is the backbone of Bali Children’s Project, helping us to build futures from poverty.

Collectively, our sponsors are currently helping us to support 450 students through school. The impact on their lives – and their families – cannot be understated. Students who graduate are able to secure jobs and support their families. Most of these students are the first to ever graduate in their family.

Sponosrships are supported by our dedicated team who work hard to give students all they need to complete school.

Sponsorship Cancellations

With the spread of Coronavirus, we have witnessed some sponsors unable to continue.

These cancellations have meant that children no longer have sponsors for school. Our commitment to these students is to keep them sponsored and not to tell them they’ve been ‘unsponsored’. It’s an extra financial pressure, which effectively sends students back onto our sponsorship waiting list.

You can see these students marked as ‘Corona Cancellation’ in our Sponsorship Waiting List.

Additionally, there has been a slow down in new sponsorships being set up – another impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

We need your help more than ever to ensure children stay sponsored

If you are able help us responsor children whose sponsors have cancelled due to COVID-19, please see our Sponsorship Waiting List