27th April 2018.

Scenes of jubiliation in the mountains of Kintamani, Bali! Last week was the first day of school at the brand new Dausa Kindergarten and Preschool, a completely new building built thanks to support from Timothy Sykes.

Welcome to Dausa Kindergarten, a brand new school in the mountains of Kintamani, Bali. It has come a long way since we met the community and started the project in early 2018.

Dausa Preschool and Kindergarten is located in the mountains of Bali’s Kintamani area. With most villagers being farmers and laborers, there was little spare income for the village to run their own school.

Despite their troubles, the village had set up a school in the local open sided ‘banjar’ building (village hall). The open sided building was massively oversubscribed, with no educational equipment.

Now the village has a new school that has significantly improved education for young learners for years to come. The difference to the community is amazing, as explained by Ayu Trisna, our School Support Manager in the video below.

Dausa is the seventh project built by Bali Children’s Project and funded by the Timothy Sykes Foundation.